Kaspar Dejong

Kaspar Dejong (1995)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

The work of Kaspar Dejong (1995) consists of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Only recently graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy, his working method seems timeless. His approach is to confront the viewer with a transformed version of reality. Just as the expressionists distorted images into an expression and minimalists reduced forms to materials, Dejong uses images from our daily life in a new manner. He deconstructs our everyday objects and images until the moment when their original function is disrupted. The viewer is confronted with a wry image, it is something recognizable, but seems to have been torn from his original context. Dejong makes paintings in combination with sculptures. These forms are in a dialogue with his paintings. His paintings are both minimalistic and expressionistic of character, two contradictory expressions combined on a canvas. We can see this contrast in his sources of inspiration. Dejong is fascinated by natural processes that make their appearance in the artificial, that is to say; where human involvement can be seen. These natural processes are altered by Dejong, and combined with his distorted images and use of color, these form a new language. He also uses ruined buildings and parking spaces to get inspiration. These are things built by people and now slowly broken down again by a natural process. The aesthetics of these places, both in appearance and in the material, are literally used in his work. Elements such as scratches and dents and materials such as concrete, steel and spray paint can often be find among his works. The sculptures have the same subject, so they coincide with his paintings. Often based on everyday objects, they turned into useless objects made of epoxy and / or ceramics. In his exhibition 'traffic gaze' (2017), presented and partly acquired by DSM's corporate collection, the starting point was the visual language of traffic signs. He distorted these so that the viewer was made to think about these specific objects in our public space.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland
In corporate collection:
NN Group

CV Kaspar Dejong

Education 2014-2017 Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam 2015-2016 Escola Massana, Grau Universitari en Arts i Disseny, Barcelona Spanje Residencies 2017 Ligist residency, Oostenrijk 2017 Brickfive, Wenen, Oostenrijk Exhibitions 2018 Widetti’s world, ISO, Amsterdam 2018 Traffic gaze, Kunstcollectie DSM, Sittard 2018 Atelier Jan Sijstermans, Maastricht 2017 LIL, Brickfive Gallery, Vienna 2017 Animals of adult sobriety, Slash gallery, Rotterdam 2017 Graduation show Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam 2016 Souvenirs, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona 2016 Synthesis for survival, Gallery The floor, Barcelona 2016 Stateless democracy, BAK Utrecht 2016 Kunstuitleen, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam 2012 Performative painting, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht. Published 2018 Ounce magazine 2017 Tijdschrift het ei, #53 Uitstellen 2017 Creators Vice, Graduates 2017 2017 Mister Motley, WDK 2017 Collections MUMC Maastricht, DSM, Newspaper De limburger, and several private collections