Kaspar Dejong

Kaspar Dejong (1995)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

In his paintings and sculptures Kaspar Dejong (1995) confronts the viewer with a transformed version of reality. Dejong re-uses images from daily life and deconstructs these objects and images in such a way that their signals lose meaning. As a spectator you are confronted with an image, that a first glance seems to be familiar but is not. The work of kaspar Dejong is in line with the semiotic tradition exploring and studying signs and symbols as a significant part of communications. By taking everyday signs out of their initial context and presenting them on the canvas, Dejong questions their message. White monochromes are partly disrupted by colored dots, numbers and letters float between unsteady shapes and forms seem to have been erased unsuccessfully. With spray-paint, graphite, oil and acrylic paint he often uses letters or numbers to start of his compositions. On the often raw background of the canvas he suppresses, scratches and erases them and so creates with his scribbles, color areas and scratches an abstract new unknow language that confronts and confuses the viewer. In his work Dejong refers partly to the imaginary order of the Israeli philosopher and writer Yuval Noah Harari: human beings are able to rule the world because we can create an imaginary world by inventing stories that we believe are true, but in reality, are fictional. Kaspar Dejong takes an interest in what we communicate in this imaginary order that seems so obviously real to everyone. He changes the meaning of signs and signals that are commonly understood and by doing so alienates us from their context and meaning. With his intriguing sculptures and paintings he creates a new and puzzling universe.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland
In corporate collection:
NN Group

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Kaspar Dejong (Maastricht, 1995) lives and works in Amsterdam. His work is represented by Josilda da Conceicao gallery in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Willem De Kooning academy in 2017 and exhibited his graduation project ‘Traffic Gaze’ at the DSM office in Sittard. In 2018 he was a resident in Vienna and Barcelona. His work is represented in the Dutch company art collections of DSM, Nationale Nederlanden(NN), Maastricht UMC+ and private ones. Recently his works was exhibited at Art Rotterdam.

CV Kaspar Dejong

Education 2014-2017 Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam 2015-2016 Escola Massana, Grau Universitari en Arts i Disseny, Barcelona Spanje Residencies 2017 Ligist residency, Oostenrijk 2017 Brickfive, Wenen, Oostenrijk Exhibitions 2018 Widetti’s world, ISO, Amsterdam 2018 Traffic gaze, Kunstcollectie DSM, Sittard 2018 Atelier Jan Sijstermans, Maastricht 2017 LIL, Brickfive Gallery, Vienna 2017 Animals of adult sobriety, Slash gallery, Rotterdam 2017 Graduation show Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam 2016 Souvenirs, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona 2016 Synthesis for survival, Gallery The floor, Barcelona 2016 Stateless democracy, BAK Utrecht 2016 Kunstuitleen, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam 2012 Performative painting, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht. Published 2018 Ounce magazine 2017 Tijdschrift het ei, #53 Uitstellen 2017 Creators Vice, Graduates 2017 2017 Mister Motley, WDK 2017 Collections MUMC Maastricht, DSM, Newspaper De limburger, and several private collections