Sérgio, Khurtova & Bourlanges

Sérgio, Khurtova & Bourlanges (1982)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Marie Ilse Bourlanges (1983, France) and Elena Khurtova (1982, Russia) have been working together since 2009. With materials such as textiles and ceramics, they combine traditional crafts with modern technologies. The starting point is the material as a carrier of memories. In their reconstruction, they underline the transient nature of the material found and give new 'failures' and a new autonomy with a different necessity or function in the production process. For Reversed Erosion (2010), the duo manufactured 400 ceramic tiles that together form a carpet with a geometric pattern. They are unglazed and therefore sensitive to every trace of use. From the moment a visitor enters the carpet, it contributes to a unique pattern of erosion and the decay of the work. Between the idea of a functional carpet and an autonomous image motif, the object continues to assimilate visible traces or memories in this way. (text: Liene Aerts)

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland