Hester Vis

Hester Vis (1966)

Lives in Arnhem. Works in Arnhem.

6.) If the artist changes his mind midway through the execution of the piece he compromises the results and repeats past result 7.) the artist's will is secondary to the process from idea to completion. His willfulness may only be ego. From Sentences on Conceptual Art, Sol LeWitt ( 1968) The above two thesis of Sol Lewitt illustrate the process by which I proceed in my drawings and collages. through predefined and formal rules by which material and method are fixed I draw almost mechanically lines on paper. The surface is paper, mdf, honeycomb cardboard or canvas. The operation is without value judgment, made without emotion. I perform by these strict regulations. within the work are no contexts, no interventions. At. 22.) Lewitt: "the artist can not imagine his art and can not percieve untill it is complete". Questions such as "what am I investigating, may I intervene or do I want to intervene in a predetermined process". What if I don't deviate from the rules I made, not breaking out of the pursuance? " Only two lines again and again ( horizontal-vertical) just do it, be there while doing it ( the implementation of the rules) that may just be enough, what lies behind it, what can come out of it, without interfering. Is there anything at all behind the work thet will manifest itself? Central thought during and after the making the work. One 'story' at a time. Building a fundament. Hester Vis

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Hester Vis

HESTER VIS Born 1966, (Dieren, the Netherlands. Lives and works in Arnhem, the Netherlands. EDUCATION 2011-13 ArtEZ Upgraders programme Artistic development vision and techniques 1989-94 ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem Bachelor of Fine art 1993 Artist in residence, Kiel, Germany 1992-93 Radboud University, Nijmegen Art History & Archaeology SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2018 sept/okt. Bruxelles met Josilda da Conceição Gallery 2018 Exhibition, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam 2018 Group exhibition: Cut the Paper SBK Amsterdam2018 Exhibition, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam 2017 Expositie, Josilda daConceição Gallery, Amsterdam 2017 springproposition, SBK, Amsterdam 2017 HOE=HET NU, ACEC, Apeldoorn 2017 Nastywomen Amsterdam 2016 Art The Hague Gallery, Josilda da Conceição 2016 KunstRAI Gallery Josilda da Conceição 2016 Rotterdam Contamporary Gallery Josilda da Conceição 2015 This Art Fair, Amsterdam Gallery Josilda da Conceição 2015 APOREIA@HESTER VIS pleidooi 2 in CIRCA...DIT Arnhem, curator/dichter Estelle Boelsma 2015 ANIMA groupexhibition in ACEC Apeldoorn 2015 Exhibition and auction, ACEC Apeldoorn, HOE=HET NU 2015 Art The Hage, Den Haag bij Gallery Josilda da Conceição 2015 KunstRAI, Amsterdam bij Gallery Josilda da Conceição 2015 Exhibition LOKAALWV15, Amsterdam 2014 Exhibition and auction, ACEC Apeldoorn, HOE=HET NU 2014 Dots that go for a walk, Art @ nuyens, Arnhem 2014 'Nacht van de mode', Bedtime for Bonzo, Arnhem 2014 Solo exhibition, Upgraders in Art, Coehoorn Centraal, Arnhem