Joncquil 1973

Lives in Den Haag. Works in Den Haag.
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Galerie Ramakers

The work of Joncquil is hard to describe. It depicts situations and characteristics from the world we know, but its effect tends to be alienating than rather familiar. He himself says about his paintings: "Something extraordinary usually happens outside our field of vision. I am amazed at the reality we hardly register and I tell an everyday story. I paint the moment between question and answer. I regard the subjects as a collection of surfaces, planes, lines, colors and angles that together assume a recognizable form and give meaning. I register and reconsider their value and necessity, (re) construct those areas of light and darkness in an attempt to represent the moment where shapes get their contents". The paintings look like the physical result of a search for everyday situations that have the ability to reveal a universal truth. A way to make the invisible visible and the daily eternal. The end result is not an accomplished fact, but leaves the interpretation to the viewer. The search is expressed not only in the choice of subjects, but also in the choice of technology. From an early age, the artist was inspired by photography, in particular by the chemical processes in the dark room. The influence of this is still evident in the almost cinematic light that hangs over the paintings. This convergence of color spectra seems to form a self-contained palette that strengthens the oscillation of form and meaning in the paintings. Just as many painters embraced photography at the beginning of the 20th century in an attempt to capture reality, to duplicate and to equal it, Joncquil chooses painting for the truth in himself and with his paintings to reveal the reality in us. explain. Astrid Wassenberg-Adviser visual arts TNT Post and Curator Randstad Photo collection

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der Kunstsammlung der Akademie der Künste, Berlin
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Dr. habil. Rosa von der Schulenburg (directeur)
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Financieel Dagblad
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Micha Andriessen, recensent

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Caldic Collectie


Joncquil °1973, Zeist Lives and works in The Hague NL Education 1994 -1998 Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost, Breda Richting Schilderen / Monumentaal Exhibitions (selection) Solo 2017 "AAP ZWAAN MAAN" Lightcube gallery Ronse Belgium 2016 "Diplopia Alternate Take" Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam 2016 "Diplopia" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2015 "the Origins" Code rood Arnhem 2015 "pulse #2, Omstand Arnhem 2014 "60 Ways to hold a rope" Art the Hague 2014 "60 Ways to hold a rope" Firma van drie Gouda 2014 "tales of the self employed jester' duo with Jasper Hagenaar, Tanya Rumpff Haarlem 2013 "CQ Residency Carte Blanche" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2013 "60 Ways to hold a rope" Oz Amsterdam 2013 "CQ Holding" Re: Rotterdam 2012 "The End is not for sale' Galerie 37 Haarlem 2012 “Smile Harder or Die Trying” Galerie Ramakers / CQ mutiny Gallery Den Haag 2011 "On Marvellous Things Heard” with Hans van der Ham Galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam 2010 "Himmel and Joy” Galerie 37 Spaarnestad Haarlem 2010 "AH UM” Galerie Ramakers - Den Haag 2010 “Art Amsterdam” Galerie Ramakers 2010 “When it rains it pours” Kester + Bles London - UK 2009 “London Art Fair” Kester + Bles London - UK 2008 “Birds don’t bark & Dogs won’t whistle” Galerie Ramakers - Den Haag 2008 “The Narcoleptic Squirrel & other Phenomena” Kester + Bles London 2007 “En nu maar wachten op de kabouters” Galerie Ramakers - Den Haag Group 2018 "Joncquil und Warffemius" Kunstverein Potsdam Germany 2018 "The Hague contemporary weekend" Kino Nest Den haag 2018 "Kunstrai" Amsterdam Galerie Ramakers 2018 "Kunstrai" Amsterdam Postmodern 2017 "6Voor6" Loods 6 Amsterdam 2017 "Quand la nature s'éveille" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2017 "Art Rotterdam" Galerie Ramakers 2016 "Amsterdam Art fair" Amsterdam 2016 "So tell me your story" Lightcube Ronse Belgium 2016 "We like art @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam 2016 "Size Matters" Tetem Enschede 2016 "Happy New Year" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2015 "Exit Gemak" Gemak Den Haag 2015 "Avant la lettre" Code Rood Arnhem 2015 "Pulse 2" Studio Omstand Arnhem 2015 "Art the Hague" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2015 "Artists for Nepal" Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2015 "Amsterdam Art fair, Galerie Ramakers Amsterdam 2015 "Daar komen de Putters" Kasteel Keukenhof Lisse 2015 "We like art" @ art Rotterdam 2014 'I'm not doiing anything until I feel the need" DNB Amsterdam 2014 "Amsterdam Drawing" 2014 "20th Anniversary" Galerie Ramakers 2014 "Droomkunst" Singer museum Laren 2014 "Kunst4kids" museum Boijmans Rotterdam 2014 "Django" Galleri Franz Pedersen Horsens DK 2014 "everything is connected" Galerie Jan van Hoof Den Bosch 2014 "Art rotterdam" We like art 2014 "Art rotterdam" Galerie Ramakers 2013 "HLSTW" Horizonverticaal Haarlem 2013 "Art the Hague" Galerie Ramakers 2013 "Be Part Waregem" auction curated by Marcel van Eeden 2013 "We like art @ westergasfabriek" Amsterdam 2013 "Kunstrai" Galerie Ramakers Amsterdam 2013 "We Like art @ de Bijenkorf" Amsterdam 2013 "Over smaak valt te twisten" Museum Boijmans van beuningen 2013 "Double date" Ramakers at Art Warehouse Rotterdam 2013 "Kleur" Galerie Ramakers Den haag 2012 "Operandi" Vrije Academie, Den Haag 2012 "Ongekend young masters @ auction", Amsterdam 2012 "4 de korenbeurs" Schiedam choice of Tanya Rumpff 2012 "We like art live", Amsterdam 2012 "Kunstrai Amsterdam", galerie Ramakers 2012 "Presenteert presenteert, RE: Rotterdam 2012 "Young masters@ auction", Ongekend Cbk Rotterdam 2012 ”Dark days before Christmas”, Galerie with Tsjalling Groningen 2011 “Collectie Imaginaire”, Arti et Amiciae Amsterdam / Burorotterdam, Rotterdam 2011 "Lost Relay” Lost Painters, Het Argument/Incubate Festival Tilburg 2011 "I should have done that” Nest Den Haag 2011 "Nieuwe Uitleenschatten” Cbk Groningen 2011 "Art Amsterdam” Galerie Ramakers 2011 "Into the woods” Galerie Ramakers - Den Haag 2011 “Voor Brecht” Galerie Ramakers Den Haag 2010 "Ode” Galerie 37 Spaarnestad Haarlem 2010 "Daily Mirror” Dek 22 Rotterdam curator Sabine Alders 2010 "We like 6%” We like Art / Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam 2010 "Dutch Treat” Tupajumi Knipsu, Bergen Norway 2009 "Winternest” curator Petra Heck - st. Nest foundation - Den Haag 2009 “Supermarket” Stockholm - Zweden 2009 "Selectie 09” Cbk Dordrecht 2009 "Animali” Galerie 32-34 - Amsterdam (g) 2009 “Ramakers 15 jaar” Galerie Ramakers - Den Haag 2009 “Summershow” Kester + Bles London - UK (g) 2009 “Seperating myth from reality” Art festival Kathmanu Nepal 2008 “Somethings Are | What They Seem” st. Nest foundation - Den Haag 2008 “Pan Amsterdam” Galerie Ramakers 2008 "Transformatie” curator Gijs van Noort - galerie Clement - Amsterdam 2007 “Art Rotterdam” Galerie Ramakers (d) 2007 “Brain Bunny tour 2007” - Elburg (theatervoorstelling, regie) 2007 “Laag 46” Galerie de Aanschouw - Rotterdam