Bert Boogaard 1952

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
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andriesse eyck galerie

Colour is at the heart of the artistic practice of Bert Boogaard (1952). Over recent years, his work has predominantly focused on a search for and exploration of colour pigments and palettes, minutely researched in databases. Boogaard studied at Ateliers ’63 but it is his training as a mechanical engineer that echoes throughout his work. His paintings are built up of streamlined, systematic and abstract compositions of lines and grids, spheres or diamonds. Each piece is the result of a lengthy process: first, Boogaard produces sketches, followed by a construction drawing in which he works out the composition’s minutest details which he then meticulously implements using templates. This working method means that the artist may take several months to complete a painting.

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2017 Drawing & More, andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam Skulls, Albertinum, Dresden Marlene Dumas, Die Entstehung eines Altarbildes, Galerie Gebr. Lehman, Dresden Art Rotterdam, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam 2016 Amsterdam Art Fair, Museumplein Paletten, andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam 2013 Bert Boogaard & Stephen Wilks, Vessels: keramiek | fles |verf, Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam 2002 Bert Boogaard (o.a. i.s.m. Marlene Dumas), Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam 1996 Galerie Swart, Amsterdam 1992 Galerie Swart, Amsterdam 1990 Galerie Swart, Amsterdam 1988 Galerie Swart, Amsterdam 1987 Société Galerie, Den Haag 1985 Galerie Swart, Amsterdam Pieter Laurens Mol, Bert Boogaard, Raum 41, Bonn