Kubilay Mert Ural

Kubilay Mert Ural 1986

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Kubilay Mert Ural’s work opens a window into the desires, frustrations, and ultimately into our needs of the present times, now. On an infinite and open-ended loop, the work reminds us of the swing between chaos and order. It sometimes gives us an incomplete story, or a story that just occasionally pops up… Each one is a quest, an encounter, a playful invitation toward aspects of the uncomfortable, and a reminder of cheap melodies from imagined worlds. Kubilay Mert Ural used to be a factory worker in a village in Turkey. He was working “the Turkish way,” he said, meaning he had to do all different types of work, including heavy physical labour. In his free time, he painted, which is how he started, and he still feels like he is learning. Trying to escape this mind-numbing situation, one day he got a letter of invitation for a residency in Amsterdam. First the Sandberg Institute, and later on the Rijksakademie, both in Amsterdam. The artist has a way of capturing otherworldly images. His videos, installations and paintings function like passages, inviting the viewer to traverse his/our primordial thoughts. The global reality as we know it today is one of confusion and chaos, indistinguishable from a bad dream. Dicey world leaders, post-colonial tensions, the endless abuse of power: these impressions are mixed with moments of absurdity — bondage of a world leader, a defecating ghost, inter-species copulation. In these visual narratives time and space collapse, past and future unfold on a single plane. Looming in the background is often the presence of an unidentified flying object, a hovering question about the eternal desire for mystery, belief systems, and possible answers for humanity. Ural is captivated by such fascinations, as well as consoled by these hypnagogic visions. (*excerpts from a text by Jurriaan Benschop for KIT Düsseldorf)

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Open Call Liminal Express curated by Kubilay Mert Ural


KUBILAY MERT URAL Istanbul, 1986. Lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands). SOLO AND GROUP EXHIBITONS 2019 Kubilay Mert Ural, Cheapskate, Ellen de Bruijne Projects (solo), NL 2019 David and Goliath Kunstplatform De Apotheek, NL 2018 Earthlings and the Space Problems, PILOT Galeri (solo), TR 2018 Meeting The Universe Halfway, Kunst Im Tunnel, DE 2018 No name, Ellen De Bruijne Projects, (solo-Dolores-space), NL 2018 Missing Persons And the Other supernatural Phenomena, Ellen De Bruijne Projecs, NL 2015 Bring Your Own Beamer, Pera Museum,TR 2015 Jeunes Artistes Comtemporains De Turquie’’ at Od’a Ouvroir d’ Art, TR 2014 Primate Anal, Karakoy Kulah, (solo), TR 2011 Home, Gallery Kent, (solo), TR 2010 Anatomy of a Generation. Sumer Bank, TR SCREENINGS AND FESTIVALS 2019 Participant ‘The One Minutes’ video art series called ‘Old Images’ NL 2019 Participant ‘Full Moon’ video art series, FC Hyena,NL 2018 Video screening ‘Studio Omstand’, NL 2018 Curator ‘The One Minutes’ video art series, NL 2018 Participant artist talk and video screening Lost&Found Organization, NL 2017 Participant ‘dissident Island Radio 10th year anniversary event with a video work, UK 2017 Participant ‘Ammehoela Film Festival’, NL 2017 Participant ‘Açık Radyo’ broadcast ‘Günclleme’ with a sound installation, TR EDUCATION 2012-13 Sandberg Institute – applied arts, Amsterdam, NL 2005-10 Performing Arts Management, Istanbul Bilgi University RESIDENCIES 2017-18 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten , residency, NL PROFFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2014 Directing and producing music video of Gaye Su Akyol ‘’Biliyorum’’ 2013 Assistant of Hermann Nitsch, Contemporary Istanbul,TR 2012 Project Founder (lecture ‘MED 526’ - experiental music video production), Bilgi University 2011-2016 Performed a solo Audio-Video project ‘waiting for spring’