Ted Noten 1956

Lives in Den Bosch. Works in Den Bosch.
Represented by:

MPV Gallery

As a jewellery designer, Ted Noten is a designer in the broadest sense of the word. His artistic view crosses the boundaries of autonomous and applied arts as well as those of the various art disciplines; in his designs we can experience a crossover of architecture, sculpture, conceptual art forms and installation art, in which the idea and the personal association together determine the guiding theme for his artefacts. In this, the sensory perceptions of smell and touch play just as much a role as the purely visual. The themes that are prominent in the designs and objects of Ted Noten are violence, transience and vulnerability. Often with a humorous irony, he translates these into motifs that can be shocking as well as mundane and banal – in their connection or in the confrontation with each other.

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