Licht Gevoelig, Double Emotions, Annelie Bruijn,

Licht Gevoelig, Double Emotions

Show: 31/08/19 - 09/11/19

ElliottHalls Gallery
Artists presented

Dutch photographer Annelie Bruijn uses layering and plays with illusions to create elements which disrupt and fracture the image, resulting in unexpected results - whilst never loosing sight of the essence of her subjects, almost like a slightly tainted or imperfect memory. This series is an extension of this constant layering. She expertly works with her analogue 35mm camera, using the almost forgotten technique of double exposures directly onto the film. These, what might seem ‘incidental’ combinations, are in fact highly considered by Bruijn and become combinations that reveal new forms and evoke new emotions. By consciously combining the skin of her sitters with other organic forms, she overlaps them with light and shadows, resulting in images that feel both voyeuristic and magical. Annelie is a successful Fashion and Portrait Photographer, who includes Vogue, Union Magazine, Vogue Man and many fashion labels as her clients. This exhibition is her personal work.