Sur Face | Marijn Akkermans | Eva Räder, Marijn Akkermans, Eva Räder,

Sur Face | Marijn Akkermans | Eva Räder

Show: 21/11/19 - 24/11/19

galerie dudokdegroot
Artists presented

For Amsterdam Art Weekend galerie dudokdegroot will show a double solo of Marijn Akkermans and Eva Räder. We will present new works of the artists who are both interested in faces and surface. Eva Räder (1978 Germany) is currently working on her “Sweet Selfie” Celebrity Portraits. She finds it fascinating that on the one hand people are speaking about the end of the world and on the other hand it seems like successful people are very concerned about their look and appearance only. She wonders what is behind this surface, and how the surfaces connect to the inner life and truth or romance of those characters. Räder believes they themselves can be seen as a mirror of our civilisation. Marijn Akkermans (1975 The Netherlands) is interested in the human figure. He draws faces, bodies and poses in tactile translucent layers of diluted ink and acrylic on paper. In his approach he is concerned with the basic formal characteristics of paper, such as the flatness of its surface and the framing by the edges of the paper, actively integrating it in the process of imagination and representation. Currently Marijn Akkermans is working on an expanding series of ink paintings on paper, which represents imaginary faces. In this series the same face is repeatedly painted by the artist. The artist is expressly concerned with ‘faces’ instead of with portraits, as the faces are not representations of particular persons or images of them. They are ghostly appearances which seem to shine through the surface of the unconscious. They might be memories from daily private life, and at the same time seem to stem from popular media. Throughout his practise Akkeramans is interested in how private and collective matters intertwine and become impossible to disentangle. The exhibition Sur-Face will be on show only during the Amsterdam Art Weekend 21-24 November 2019.