Art Rotterdam, Dick Verdult,

Art Rotterdam

Show: 04/02/14 - 08/02/15

Annet Gelink Gallery
Artists presented

This installation 'Bullshit defines architecture' was made by Verdult during his residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre. In an intense period surrounded by ceramic ovens, Dick Verdult gathered random bullshit (cardboard, wood, shreds of thick blankets) and crudely joined them with gaffer tape. Over these constructions, he then laid and wove slabs and “sausages” of clay. Before these forms had completely dried, he carefully and slowly cut and took the interiors away, leaving visible the result of a small sum of uncontrolled events and disrespected physical laws. This is the simple procedural explanation of "Bullshit defines architecture", a series of intriguing glazed constructions. The randomness of the created forms, that in their shape reference architectural structures, is contrasted with the beautiful vibrant colours with which they have been glazed. By instigating and intervening in chaos, Verdult heightens the base materials to elegant works of art.