Rafaël Rozendaal - Discrete Objects, Rafaël Rozendaal,

Rafaël Rozendaal - Discrete Objects

Show: 22/11/19 - 11/01/20

Upstream Gallery
Artists presented

A discrete object has known and definable boundaries. It is easy to define precisely where the object begins and where it ends. In this last decade Rafaël Rozendaal has made a name with his artworks in the shape of websites through which he reaches an audience of over 60 million unique visitors a year. In his third solo exhibition with Upstream Gallery, Discrete Objects, a group of four new websites is presented as well as the monumental new installation Spectrum and a series of 3D tapestries, for which Rozendaal developed a weaving structure that animates the canvas like a screen. Discrete Objects brings together works, in which Rozendaal continues his investigation in the transition from movement into abstraction and from virtual into physical space. He explores where the digital can be found in the physical and vice versa. Where screens and the internet are usually there for distraction, for grabbing attention and for endlessly scrolling away, paintings are there for focus and contemplation. The minimalist works in this exhibition exist in an area in between, where these states of mind overlap.