SUPER BEAST, Gijs van Lith,


Show: 22/06/18 - 23/07/18

MPV Gallery
Artists presented

This solo exhibition delves into process of creation and explores the self-made rules and strategies and its limitations. By exhibiting the back or front of the painting as finished work Van Lith’s latest work and exhibition displays a more sculptural approach towards in his paintings that allows him to create, develop and deal with his work in a dynamic and free way. The relation between process and finished work becomes interactive dialogue where there is no front or back. This attitude towards his work shows a glimpse of his studio atmosphere and the freedom Van Lith permits himself in not distinguishing and holding back judgment for what is created as a result of his painting-haze – or as he calls it ‘beast mode’. In this haze Van Lith sees himself more as an animal let by his instincts and intuition. Van Lith doesn’t discriminate between conscious actions and chance, between luck and deliberate gestures. He values and evaluates all and lets them interact and collide in this exhibition. These works are an open dialog that explores the conscious and subconscious. This is his way of exploring meaning and by breaking self-made rules with a great energetic and dynamic series of work as a result.