Landscapes remixed volume II, ,

Landscapes remixed volume II

Show: 26/07/18 - 28/07/18

Galerie Roger Katwijk

Georg Küttinger (Munich 1972) In the spectacular photographic work of German artist Georg Küttingr force becomes visible, in the sense that the landscapes featured are very markedly formed by the power of nature. In order to create such work, Küttinger captures hundreds of images at different times, and sometimes different days. He brings these manifold images together, creating an entirely new landscape, one in which the attention is drawn to repeating sight lines, visual traces, and distortions of perspective. For instance, Niagara Falls 3 is a compilation of hundreds of unique images taken in the span of a single day. The camera follows the water’s flow steadily in a narrow circuit from top to bottom. The hundreds of images are merged into a single image, one in which the colour shifts of the water as the day progresses become quite apparent.These works showcase technically high level photography that in Küttinger’s hands bears a strong and haunting correlation to painting.Georg Küttinger attended de Technische Universität München with a focus on photography. Since then, his work has been sold worldwide, including in German, Swiss, Italian, and Belgian galleries. Küttinger has taken part in well-regarded photography exhibitions such as Photo España in Madrid (Spain), Photolucida in Portland (US), and Kiaf in Seoul (South Korea). His work was also spotlighted in Berlin’s Liste, Basel’s Scope, Kunst Zürich and Art Fair 21 in Cologne. In the Netherlands, his work is found exclusively at Galerie Roger Katwijk.