Bob Bonies, Bob Bonies,

Bob Bonies

Show: 18/05/19 - 15/06/19

Willem Baars Projects
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Willem Baars Projects is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition of paintings by Bob Bonies (1937). For more than 50 years, the work of Bob Bonies has been a defining factor for abstract art in the Netherlands. The geometric compositions of Bonies fit seamlessly into the historical canon of Dutch art and builds on the relevance of abstraction within contemporary art, globally.

The visual language of Bonies suggests concepts of clarity and legibility. His iconic design meanders its way along the lines of De Stijl and Russian Constructivism. Like his international counterparts in the 1960s, Bonies, too, sought a more radical approach in the realization of pictorial quality. The intuitive thought and weight of the historic avant-garde made way for a systematic order based on a process of reduction to a formal limit. In the Netherlands, his pursuit was groundbreaking. Bonies has created an oeuvre that is sleek, tough and concrete. Drawing on influences from The United States, he uses large format canvases; a visual medium that perfectly matches his research and advocacy towards a concrete reality.