KunstRAI - Frode Bolhuis & Harry Markusse, Frode Bolhuis, Harry Markusse,

KunstRAI - Frode Bolhuis & Harry Markusse

Show: 17/04/19 - 22/04/19

Galerie Bart
Artists presented

Galerie Bart is proud to present new works of Frode Bolhuis and Harry Markusse at KunstRAI 2019. Frode Bolhuis Stages of incomprehension The works of Frode Bolhuis (1979, NL) are not to be understood. They are full of meaning, but impossible to fully unravel, like life itself. Rich in narrative they might take you to a familiar place. You’ll see the traces of religion, the signs of starvation or moments of surrender. Yet it’s always more; it’s the religion fading in a world of reason and reason losing itself in isolation. It’s the inner feelings of generations instead of that of one person. It goes beyond that and it shows itself in a sea of colour.    These bright colours might be the first thing that attracts the viewer; they are as unusual as the depiction of the works. The pastel colours mixed with neon and an occasional black are both lively and unexpectedly silent. It all adds to the fact that the works are significantly incomprehensible.  Harry Markusse (1990, NL) The work of Harry Markusse consists of abstract and minimalist paintings. He studies colour, shape and movement. He consciously opts for a brief concept beforehand, but while working he is challenged to make new choices and look for painterly solutions. While mirroring, tilting, shifting, repeating and partly repainting, he creates a layered image with intense colour contrasts (or sometimes only subtle tones). Harry looks for harmony between form and residual form, foreground and background, movement and countermovement and flat and spatial.