Drawing Online, Guy Vording, Marijn Akkermans,
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Drawing Online

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

galerie dudokdegroot
Artists presented

dudokdegroot gallery shows drawings by Guy Vording and Marijn Akkermans in this online exhibition. The Lab Interns, a series of eight drawings (2014-15) by Marijn Akkermans that have not been shown before. In these drawings, he combines his unique technique of transparent layers of ink with flowing watercolor colors, shading and pencil lines. Because of the title 'The Lab Interns' you start to wonder in what kind of laboratory these figures are posing. In particular, it seems to be a study as if it were one pose in eight variations. And what will it reveal? The scarcely clothed figures raises all kinds of questions in that regard. "Stories and forgotten news items inspire Guy Vording. Historical events from old newspapers and magazines or stories he has picked up along the way become the beginning of his work. He reads, studies and analyzes the texts and images he's been collecting during the last years and transforms them into another scene. Something new, something more intimate. At the heart of them lie both loneliness and loss of control. Subjects you can also find in his titles: The universe doesn't know you exist, Silly ideas about being independent and Black Pages. Often, America is the backdrop for the events. From a young age this country captivated Guy, which accounts for it playing an increasingly prominent role in his recent work.