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Drawing Online | Pete Schulte

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

Rutger Brandt Gallery
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Drawing is the cornerstone of Pete Schulte practice but it also includes the integration of sculpture, site-specific wall drawings, and installations. The works are rarely predetermined, but arrive through the act of improvising and revising, with one work often begetting the next. Ideas and images, intuited or observed, are explored and re-examined in an effort to probe the boundaries of an inquiry. They favor a quiet geometry, nuanced surface, and the subtle use of chromatic color. His interest lies in the manner in which the language of abstraction can be utilized in service of both the meditative experience and as a carrier of meaning. It is a personal response to existential, political, social, and ecological struggles of today. Schulte is an associate professor at the University of Alabama, USA