Drawing Online, Peter Struycken,
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Drawing Online

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

andriesse eyck galerie
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Since the early seventies Peter Struycken has been intensively preoccupied with computer generated drawings. From 1976 onwards, Struycken’s computer drawings actually consisted of one-dimensional sequences of dots and lines, which could endlessly be calculated and drawn. In 1978 he began to experiment with programmes that arranged dots in two dimensions. The DOTS programme of 1980 marked the beginning of the use of vertical sine waves in two dimensions as a function of place. With the SHFT programmes, from 1981, both for display monitor and in drawings, the sinuses shifted and were thus a function of place and time. To Struycken, the often simple and unambiguous formulation of the artistic decision in the form of an algoritm bear an intriguing relationship to the visually complex and pluroform results that can be calculated and drawn with algorithms. His drawings are stills from an infinite space in which points move, change color and behave as a result of these algorithms.