Vanishing Points, Raymond Barion,

Vanishing Points

Show: 13/04/19 - 25/05/19

Upstream Gallery
Artists presented

Upstream Gallery proudly presents the second solo exhibition by Raymond Barion (1947). The Dutch artist, who has been living in Antwerp for years, had his very first gallery exhibition two and a half years ago at Upstream Gallery. Around that time the Dutch art world viewed the discovery of the artist with great enthusiasm. Dutch newspaper Het Parool wrote, "for forty years Barion has been active as a painter and only now - as he is turning seventy years of age - he is having his first solo-exposition. What a discovery! As if a long-closed treasure has been reopened." In the 2016 exhibition, Barion presented a selection of works primarily from the 1980s, in which 'isometric perspective' played a central role. The current exhibition focuses on Barion’s more recent work, in which the artist introduces a new form of perspective. By using this new perspective the spectator suddenly finds oneself and vanishes in the wondrous world of Barion.