Drawing Online, Erik van Lieshout, Dick Verdult,
Online only

Drawing Online

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

Annet Gelink Gallery
Artists presented

In this Online Only Drawing Exhibition we present the work of Dutch artists Erik van Lieshout and Dick Verdult. In addition to drawings, the practice of both artists includes many other expressions and a preference for go off the beaten path. The works show situations, figures and symbols we all recognize, but Van Lieshout and Verdult make you look at them again, with both a critical and humorous eye. Dick Verdult (1954, Eindhoven NL) expresses himself in films, performances, graphics, drawings, sculptures and ceramics, radio shows, text and music. Verdult has produced many independent films, worked as a filmmaker and editor for VPRO television, in addition to founding various art groups, including the IBW (Institute for Affordable Madness) and Festicumex - a festival for a non-existent music genre. As an artist and musician in experimental Cumbia Lunaticas and Experimentales music, he has achieved cult status, known as Dick El Demasiado, especially in South America, Russia and Japan. Erik van Lieshout (1968, Deurne, NL) is a Dutch artist whose projects are multi-media installations and include video presented in specially built spaces, often surrounded by collages of drawings and paintings. Van Lieshout speaks in his work about a multitude of contemporary social-political issues such as multiculturalism, law enforcement, the position of minorities and outsiders and the modern consumer society. Van Lieshout views these matters from a radical personal point of view and places himself in the current environment. By not usually adapting to the general behavior of his environment, he becomes an active player in the action that causes many humorous situations, as well as strong reactions from others.