‘Space and Infinity’  & ieder de helft, Inez Smit, Otto Egberts,

‘Space and Infinity’ & ieder de helft

Show: 04/05/19 - 08/06/19

Galerie Helder
Artists presented

A duo exhibition by Inez Smit (paintings) and Otto Egberts (paintings)

A duo exhibition by Inez Smit (paintings) and Otto Egberts (paintings). The work of Otto Egberts (1949-2019) comes from a deep source, such as conscience from which one draws its infinity. The limitations of the picture frame sometimes force Egberts to visual interventions on the given physical formats. Inez Smit (1967) builds an endless space with subtle demarcations. Thin coloured lines and fine-spun relief are a combined result of her inner explorations. Within this duo exhibition 'Space and Infinity' a special project by the artists Jan van der Pol and José den Hartog is presented in parallel on the gallery floor, titled "Ieder de helft". Together they painted a series of ceramic plates, each one on one half the plate.