It Might Change, ,

It Might Change

Show: 09/03/19 - 06/04/19

Josilda da Conceição Gallery

Works by Roos van Dijk, Anastasia Shin and Sophie Schmidt. We are pleased to invite you to our exhibition ‘It Might Change’, the second exhibition of the new year, opening on Saturday 9 March. Each of the artists will be presenting their work in a separate space. Roos van Dijk While obtaining her master's degree in Fine Art at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, Roos van Dijk let go of painting as representation in favour of more abstract compositions. In her recent work, the formal and tangible qualities of the material take on a prominent role. Characterised by a particular architectonic quality, the abstract geometrical works are the result of an intuitive and playful interaction between the artist's intention and the agency of the material. Anastasia Shin Playful and serious at the same time, Anastasia Shin's sculptural practice utilises different aesthetic categories. Black outlines, pastel colours and grid patterns echo throughout her work, as well as evocative cursive forms which lean to language. For this exhibition the London/Rotterdam based artist will be presenting Assume Every Rustle in the Grass is a Tiger, her first solo presentation in Amsterdam. In an installation comprising of video, sculpture and text, Shin sets up a space where we are aware of the creative processes of pattern recognition and poetry. Through an everyday journey to the supermarket, led by a character keen to extract meaning from the things she sees, we are carried through a rhythmic space of distraction and consumer control. Sophie Schmidt Sophie Schmidt's artistic practice centres on the body, integrating performance, language, sculpture and painting. Her installations, prosthetics and performances explore the possibilities and limitations of the human and non-human body. At times they appear as extensions of the body, turning into vehicles that propel the body into new transformations. The gallery is open from Thursday - Saturday, 14:00 -18:00 and by appointment The show will continue until 6 April.