Day In, Day Out / Dag in, dag uit, Teun Hocks,

Day In, Day Out / Dag in, dag uit

Show: 23/02/19 - 30/03/19

Torch Gallery
Artists presented

'Day In, Day Out' consists of ten new photo-paintings that Hocks made during the last two years. He is known for his humorous self-portraits, where he uses oil paint to hand colour the black and white photos he made with an analogue camera. Since the 1980s his working method has been consistent, and this new series proves that Hocks fantasy is as lively as ever. An overview of his work since the early beginnings to his latest work can be seen at the exhibition ‘Early to Late’ at Stedelijk Museum Breda, coinciding with the show at our gallery. Together with the museum, we published a new catalogue, available in the gallery and the museum.