The Square, the Bear & the Emphasis, ,

The Square, the Bear & the Emphasis

Show: 16/02/19 - 23/03/19

Galerie van Gelder

De solotentoonstelling 'The Square, the Bear & the Emphasis' van Nicolas chardon wordt zaterdag 16 februari om 17.00 uur geopend. Ter gelegenheid van deze tentoonstelling is een kunstenaarspublicatie (30 ex.) verschenen met een originele tekening (€ 150,-) NICOLAS CHARDON Abstract (banner), 2019 350 x 100 cm acrylic paint on printed fabric

Years ago an image on the Internet showed a bear falling flat out from a tree while a policeman watched. Nicolas Chardon also looks for something that appears in a similar way, having everything in control. The geometric shapes in Chardon’s work smoothly follow the wavy lines of the printed patterns in the stretched fabric: there is concept and play. The pleasure of making a painting with these elements radiates from it. For the exhibition 'The Bear, the Square & the Emphasis' the emphasis is on a small square that is hung from painting to painting in a size-increasing row. This resulted in a series of black squares or doublings; the result is rigid, but not yet. On the occasion of the exhibition Connoisseurs in Paris published a book called 'THE BEAR, THE SQUARE & THE EMPHASIS' with images by Nicolas Chardon and texts by Kees van Gelder. Each copy has an original drawing as inlay. Nicolas Chardon (1974) lives and works in Paris. He has had solo exhibitions in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and South Korea. In 2018 he had a solo exhibition at Kunstverein Bremerhafen in Germany. In 2017, together with Karina Bisch, he founded a publishing house that promotes Contemporary Painting by producing artists' publications, multiples and fanzines.