Welcome to day one of happiness, Max Kraanen,

Welcome to day one of happiness

Show: 23/02/19 - 30/03/19

Galerie Fontana
Artists presented

Latest project of Max Kraanen

Galerie Fontana is happy to invite you to the second solo exhibition by Max Kraanen. Welcome to Day One of Happiness, where the sun is shining and the sea is blue. For his latest project Max Kraanen explores the multifaceted idea of happiness. He is intrigued by the inexplicable concepts and evasive nature of happiness. He used his intuitive connection with the ocean as a starting point to investigate why we feel the urge to make the pursuit of happiness a principle goal in our lives. His ambivalent relationship with happiness has resulted in an installation of 1000 Polaroids. On first sight the images form a homogeneous mass, on closer inspection they are all unique. Max Kraanen considers Welcome to Day One of Happiness to be a living organism that will evolve over time and eventually perish. The shapes of the installation are obtained by the interaction with the public and therefore it leads its own life. You can purchase one or more of these Polaroids for your own collection and take home with you immediately. The exhibition will be shown until Saturday 30 March 2019