Art Rotterdam 2019, Jay Gard, Alexander Iskin, Caroline Kryzecki,

Art Rotterdam 2019

Show: 06/02/19 - 10/02/19

Artists presented

Caroline Kryzecki KSZ 200/152–22, 2018 ballpoint pen on paper 200 x 152 cm

SEXAUER will show ballpoint pen drawings by Caroline Kryzecki, paintings and objects by Alexander Iskin and a functional object and sculptural wall works by Jay Gard. Jay Gard's three-dimensional color circles, which consist of up to 250 colored trapezoidal parts, are personal color analyses by the artist, in which he refers to works of art history. He only uses approximately a dozen colour shades from the selected reference painting. However, because of the three-dimensionality and the different colour shades opposite each other, the observer sees as many colour shades as the colour circle has parts. Corresponding to this the object: it works similar to a drop leaf clock and uses a limited number of colors. The combination possibilities of the colour plates exceed the number of tones many times over. Alexander Iskin works on a multimedia narrative in a painterly, sculptural, literal and flmic manner. Through Interrealism he has asserted his own artistic direction. His paintings feature biomorphic forms in contrast to loosely arranged surfaces and pictorial spaces. The fnely balanced ambiguity of the fgurative fragments triggers different associations in every viewer. Caroline Kryzecki’s tool of choice is the ballpoint pen. To a certain degree Kryzecki’s drawings, or rather paintings on paper, are remnants of analog writing; calligraphy exercises with a ruler that express both the sensuality of an ornament and the meticulousness of a plan drawing. Despite their abstract character, these autonomous networks always elicit social, psychological and organic dimensions.