Art Rotterdam, Caroline Van den Eynden,

Art Rotterdam

Show: 07/02/19 - 10/02/19

DMW Art Space
Artists presented

'Elemental Entropy' Exhibition by Caroline Van den Eynden (Belgium, DMW Art Space) at Art Rotterdam 2019 New Art Section, Booth N02

The works selected for 'Elemental Entropy' demonstrate the impermanence of the materials used through controlled scorching and charring. This process has also been used in more recent works of Caroline and as such has become a recurring theme. The inherent difficulty in controlling an elemental force such as fire brings a new dimension and indeed challenge to the otherwise restrained and composed working method so characteristic of the artist. The thread of controlled destruction working its way through compositions of near flawless construction also runs through the other works selected for the exhibition. As such, the eponymous centrepiece installation Elemental Entropy shows an immaculately arranged set of soap bars slowly being worn away by wayward drips of water. Though the process destroys the pristine nature of the bars, it gives way to a series of temporary states created by an unruly force in a controlled vacuum.