Art Rotterdam 2019, Kay Walkowiak,

Art Rotterdam 2019

Show: 07/02/19 - 10/02/19

Zeller van Almsick
Artists presented

KAY WALKOWIAK Vienna in November 2018 The densification of spatial images is not only deliberately elevated to the level of the historic imaginary but also introduced into a montage of temporalities. With this, Walkowiak succeeds in evoking the memory of an idea of the future that has now itself become the past. In this way the artist explores utopian aspirations historically associated with Chandigarh and at the same time gives the city the character of a dystopia. A comparable dialectic between factual stocktaking and fictitious transformation that draws on the fund of the historic imaginary also characterizes the sculptures he has created in recent years, such as Future Fragments of Past Forms #3, and the 2016 video work Waterfall. Like The City Lost, they reveal the artist‘s fundamental search for the spirits of the past in the visual forms of the present. [...] Excerpt from Stephanie Damianitsch‘s text for the publication „Traces of Time“, Leopold Museum, 2017

Kay Walkowiak shows with his works that visual culture always has a history, one that reveals itself above all in its contrast to the present day or in a different cultural environment. His works take as their theme formal languages found in the cultural picture archive - particularly from the sphere of a Western cultural history of abstraction - which he finds in or transfers to everyday situations or different cultural contexts. He thereby exposes divergent concepts of time and space and calls into question the cultural character of perception in itself. The artist deciphers abstract forms not so much as universally valid, timeless materializations of ideas but rather as projection surfaces of narratives of Western cultural history and the utopias associated with them.