Mechanic Stuff, Willem Harbers, Christophoros Doulgeris,

Mechanic Stuff

Show: 09/10/18 - 10/11/18

Galerie Franzis Engels
Artists presented

Willem Harbers jogs our imagination to the utmost by presenting us with sculptures that appear to make the strangest products. Metal shapes and marble or hard stone parts, the suggestion of movement and concealed machineries. And not only do the works suggest curious production processes, also the titles of his works such as "Labofähig" and "Gascibateur" call to mind actual devices. But Willem Harbers does not care about the usefulness of devices. We are triggered by the beauty of the machines and the as yet undiscovered possibilities and applications of the place they might occupy in our daily lives. The photos of Christophoros Doulgeris have a similar relationship with machines. We often find machines that no longer function, but have proven their usefulness in the past. Now they are dusty and only their beauty gives them the right to exist. But how long will our efficient world leave them intact now that they are uselessly beautiful? And is beauty alone not enough? Willem Harbers and Christophoros Doulgeris allow us to think about the place of art in our society.