Attention Please, Marian Bijlenga, Karin Dekker,

Attention Please

Show: 16/11/18 - 12/01/19

Galerie Franzis Engels
Artists presented

U bent van harte uitgenodigd om tijdens het Amsterdam Art Weekend langs te komen. Op vrijdagavond 23 november van 17.00 - 19.00 uur zijn Marian Bijlenga en Karin Dekker in de galerie voor een “Meet and Greet and Eat”. Vanwege Amsterdam Art Weekend zijn we ook op zondag 25 november open, van 13.00 - 18.00 uur.

One should really have a second look at the works of these two artists. Because not only the first composition attracts our attention, the back side or the inner side of the works is just as important. The works from Marian Bijlenga are made of soft fabrics, floating before the wall, in an often graphical design. The shades of these works soften the structures and give the work a dreamy atmosphere. Marian Bijlenga is inspired by nature, but also by almost everything that catches her eyes. And sometimes she uses these objects as the material for her works. In this exhibition therefor you can also expect works made of fish scales and sandpaper. In het sandpaper works she deviates her standard way of presenting her work on a distance before the wall. Thus it makes no shades but is as it is. Like the woodcraft these sandpapers has been used for, before Marian Bijlenga used them in her work. The works from Karin Dekker are almost the opposite from Marian Bijlenga's work in her approach of materials and dimensionality. She chooses for hard materials like steel. She claims the space in the most comprehensive sense of the word. It is not only the first appearance, but just as important is the space between the steel fragments welded together and the inner space they create. Her newest works, never presented before, is no longer about playfull abstract ritmes and structures, but do give a comment on the world we are living in (and making) these days.