Elka Oudenampsen, SOLO expositie, Elka Oudenampsen,

Elka Oudenampsen, SOLO expositie

Show: 17/11/18 - 15/12/18

Galerie Helder
Artists presented

Opening: Za. 17 november 16 - 18 uur Openingstijden: 17 November - 15 december 2018 Iedere Do - Za - 12:00 - 17:00

Since the Philip Morris Art Prize was awarded to her in 1999, Elka Oudenampsen (1967) has been painting steadily, balancing between figuration and abstraction. Her former 'characters' disappeared in a forest of geometric 'landscapes', in which elementary forms such as the cylinder, the oval and the rectangle are strongly present. It is sometimes simply two- dimensional and at the same time spatially dynamic, while all colours make your eyes tremble. No, colours are only a means to achieve something, but not the goal in itself. Composition is also her playing field, no more and no less. She arranges and defines the world she sees. In this solo exhibition the painter Oudenampsen shows her journey as a process that does not end.