Peter Struycken, TKN 3
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andriesse eyck galerie

Technique: Work on Paper, Printing techniques
Size: 108,5 x 11 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 8.000 - € 10.000
Status: for sale

TKN 3, 1993

In this drawing from 1993 the similar amplitude areas of the sine waves of the overlaid time layers have the same colour. Where these same coloured areas meet, patterns arise comprising segments with a different time source. In the final image, however, these are not always recognizable as such. Only a few patterns are so different that, while they are the same colour, they can be seen as different layers, like the curved zigzagging black bands that seem to wash over the area, from the upper left-hand corner, and the heavier, similarly coloured dots penetrating the drawing from the left side. Like his earlier Wetmatige bewegingen (Systematic Movements) from the 1960s, in which Struycken also overlaid several phases of movement, this produces an ambiguous impression of space while simultaneously showing an intriguing visual cohesion.