Stéphanie Saadé, A Map of Good Memories
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Technique: 24-carat gold leaf on floor
Size: 300 x 150 cm
Edition: 2 out of 5
Price range: € 10.000 - € 15.000
Status: for sale

A Map of Good Memories, 2015

In A Map of Good Memories, the artist remembered twenty good memories, related to her life in Lebanon, dating from her childhood to the present time. She retraced these trajectories of going to see beloved people and going to beloved places, and assembled them, respecting their scale and orientation, until they formed a closed shape. Relating to different moments of the past, and to different geographical locations, they enclose an intimate, sentimental territory, drawing the outlines of a geographical self-portrait. A Map of Good Memories is made of the purest gold, applied directly onto the floor. Despite its immutability, this precious metal is altered by the steps of the visitors. As they travel on it, it disappears under their feet.