Albert Watson, Sade, London
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Kahmann Gallery

Technique: Archival Pigment Print
Size: 142 x 107 cm
Oplage: 10 stuks
Price range: € 20.000 - € 30.000
Status: for sale

Sade, London, 1992

Albert Watson (1942) is a Scottish photographer, based in New York. Watson is particularly famous for his iconic celebrity, fashion and art photography. His work is featured in galleries and museums worldwide. Watson is ranked among the most influential and succesful photographers of all time. Through the wide variety and diversity of his images an effortless versatility is reflected, yet they are always identifiable as Albert Watson photographs by their visual impact and technical virtuosity. The power of Watson lies in his ability to capture and convey his interest in what he sees, be it fashion, nature or a movie star.