Anne Wenzel, Chasing Silence (Little Firebird)
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Technique: ceramics, raku
Size: 62 x 77 x 95 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 20.000 - € 30.000
Status: for sale

Chasing Silence (Little Firebird), 2017

This series consists of a number of bird sculptures, and is inspired by a centuries-old theme in art history: the vanitas still-life. Dark and frozen the birds lie motionless on a huge table. They are glorious birds, full of strength and beauty. They spread their feathers almost more gorgeously than they could alive. The sculptures for Chasing Silence were Raku fired. During this firing process the red blazing sculptures are smothered with wood shreds, giving them a unique, deep black colour. Simultaneously, the sculptures start to show a rich shading of lustre and colour thanks to their glazing. Both literally and figuratively, these birds rise from their kiln as a phoenix from the ashes.