Robin de Puy, Uli with dotted dress #2
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The Ravestijn Gallery

Technique: Fine art print on Fiba print baryta paper
Size: 70 x 53 cm
Edition: 1 out of 5
Price: € 3.700
Status: for sale

Uli with dotted dress #2, 2018

The portraits in this exhibition have nothing in common at first glance. From a model named Birk on his way to fame to Randy, an adolescent boy who grows up in Ely, Nevada. There are portraits of young people and of elderly people, of broken shopping trolleys and of worn out hands. Beautiful and ugly. But does ugly actually exist? Not in the images of Robin de Puy. She finds beauty in what others regard as unsightly. Unexpected, moving beauty is what links the photos in the exhibition LOVE ME. And in every image De Puy is present. As a photographer she determines who participates in her photographic world, she is the director. And in her world everyone has a very specific, undeniable beauty. There is a larger size available within the same edition measuring 140 x 105 cm.