Thijs Zweers, Unreal I
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Torch Gallery

Technique: Work on Paper, Drawings
Size: 70 x 60 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 1.000 - € 2.000
Status: for sale

Unreal I, 2018

For Zweers, this digital world is the starting point of his art. Once the designing process is finished, he transfers these images through graphic means, by hand, on to the canvas. To disturb the view and make clear that it is not reality you are looking at, white random markings interrupt the drawing. Intuitively, Zweers adjusts some tape on the surface before he starts drawing, which he removes after the drawing is complete. This causes the blank canvas comes to light. The disruption of the picture helps to remind the viewer that it is still a reconstructed digital image they’re looking at; it is not real. The realistic representation is, in fact, unreal.