Influencing the Influencer - group exhibition, Nynke Koster, Casper Braat, Thijs Zweers, Erik de Bree, Ciro Duclos, Safira Taylor, Thomas Trum, Kaspar Dejong, Lisette van Hooghenhuyze, Nasbami,

Influencing the Influencer - group exhibition

Tentoonstelling: 26/10/19 - 09/11/19

Torch Gallery
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

The impact of social media on the art world is undeniable. A single post from an online influencer dictates to the Instagram generation which art should be seen and subsequently shared. Museums have begun to harness social media’s power, with selfie-friendly layouts, more interactive art and immersive installations. New types of museums have opened that focus almost exclusively on photo ops, enabling likes and shareability. It is now time for galleries to follow suit. For this group exhibition, ten emerging artists were asked to produce artwork that perfectly fits today’s social media expectations without compromising their work method. Taking pictures is encouraged, everything is Instagrammable and there will be 'selfie-spots' on the floor to help visitors capture work from the best angle. It's a virtual feed in physical form. The exhibition will have an opening event on the 26th of October. In keeping with the subject matter, the gallery will be transformed into a fully immersive space, with a live performance (Vera Goetzee), and interactive art (Erik de Bree). Visitors will be welcomed on a pink carpet, have their photo taken in front of a photo wall, and offered Oedipus beer while a DJ spins records.