NAP - Nieuw Amsterdam Peil, Marijke van Warmerdam,

NAP - Nieuw Amsterdam Peil

Tentoonstelling: 23/06/18 - 28/07/18

Annet Gelink Gallery
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

THOMAS BOGAERT | MARIJKE VAN WARMERDAM De camera en de engel June 23 – July 28, 2018 Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to participate in the second edition of NAP – Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, with a duo exhibition by Marijke Van Warmerdam and Thomas Bogaert. For this edition, guest curators Joost Declercq and Charlotte Crevits focused on the relationship between artist and gallery, pairing one artist represented by the gallery with an artist not included in the gallery program. The meaning of such a juxtaposition lies in a meeting and a confrontation, giving rise to a conversation among various galleries, artists and curators based in and outside of Amsterdam. In the main space, the new film loop La visione by Marijke van Warmerdam, developed during an extended stay in Rome, is put in dialogue with Thomas Bogaert’s film The Mountain, which is similarly characterised by an exceptional poetic language. Internationally acclaimed for her short film loops, Van Warmerdam says: “It’s important to me that the work moves in some way or another, either literally or figuratively. I’m looking for clarity, too – for a simple image that intensifies for example through repetition.” In Bogaert’s hands, the camera becomes not only an aesthetic object as such, but is loaded with metaphorical significance. In his film, part of a body of work spanning several years, the artist’s Super 8 film camera is featured as the protagonist. The artist book “The Camera Serie” about this new project will be released at the start of this exhibition. The exhibition is completed by photographic works by Marijke Van Warmerdam, in which she seizes minute moments of life; an ephemeral, fragile instant is captured, it becomes an immediate image, repository of abstraction and timelessness. In the Bakery, Thomas Bogaert continues his narrative through sculpture and drawings. NAP is an initiative of andriesse-eyck gallery, Annet Gelink Gallery, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, GRIMM, Ron Mandos, Stigter Van Doesburg, tegenboschvanvreden, Galerie Fons Welters and Martin Van Zomeren.