Breathing Mountains, Antoinette Nausikaä,

Breathing Mountains

Tentoonstelling: 19/10/18 - 25/11/18

Caroline O'Breen
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

Solo exhibition Breathing Mountains

For over five years Antoinette lived and worked on and around eight ancient mountains in Europe and Asia, each one of them a sacred icon and a pilgrimage destination. She travelled to Mount Fuji (JP), Olympus (GR), Ararat (AM) and the five most sacred mountains in China, the Wǔyuè. She observed them, climbed them, photographed, made drawings and dug in the earth for clay to make small sculptures. This exhibition is the reflection of this project and includes a selection of images showing the different layers of her investigation. We witness Antoinette circling the mountain, looking, searching, and constantly balancing on the delicate high-wire between nature and culture.