Unveiled, Alain Declerq,


Tentoonstelling: 23/01/16 - 09/04/16

Galerie Fontana
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

In his new exhibition Unveiled, Alain Declercq successfully challenges the status quo of the executive power through use of installations, photographs, drawings and films. By scrutinising every source of information and reconstructing every piece of evidence, the artist forces the spectator to question not just the truthfulness of works, but also the dichotomy between true and false. "My point of view was to survey those who do the surveying" Alain Declercq explores the structures of power and the forms of oppression that they engender - security schizophrenia, surveillance and media manipulation. With the aim of unveiling the public the rest of the iceberg, Declerq turns around each and every query and deliberately choose to provoke those who watch and observe.