Art Rotterdam 2019, Midas Zwaan, Bram Braam, Tom Woestenborghs,

Art Rotterdam 2019

Tentoonstelling: 06/02/19 - 10/02/19

Frank Taal Galerie
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Presenting artists: at Art Rotterdam 2019: Bram Braam, Tom Woestenborghs, Midas Zwaan Aside the contrasts in their art practices these three artists share common ground in stating their perception on our daily reality, each in their own fashion. With this eclectic presentation we aim to play with these contrasts from figurative collage work to a “ready made” based installation and pure abstractions in materiality.

Bram Braam will show a new series of wall-sculptures not presented before. In his ever developing practice Braam deals with architecture and the constant evolution of our daily surroundings. He draws inspiration from the raw environment of Berlin, utopian beliefs and the Dutch landscape. By looking at our public space through the eye of a sculptor, the artist has established an intimate connection to the city an it’s architecture. The city of Berlin is known for its many contrasts in rich and poor, slick and raw. These are the contrasts the artist plays with and brings together in his body of works, reflecting upon the interest in the malleability of a city. Upcoming Belgian artist Tom Woestenborghs depicts the tension between social control and our subdued need to revolt. Woestenborghs composes his pictures with painterly intention. But his collage technique, typically involving seven or eight layers of plastic, allows him greater focus than paint. The contrast between the picture’s clarity and the ambiguity it embodies is greatly increased. For this presentation he will combine his collages on dibond with collages on light boxes. The spacious component of the booth is the monumental installation ‘Hard Knock Life’ by Midas Zwaan (no image available yet). Hard Knock Life is a very personal and courageous work with an overwhelming eloquence. The inspiration for making this installation came from periods of severe depression that Midas Zwaan had to overcome. The work represents the feeling within a depression; the force that is still trapped, the will to break out, to enter into a confrontation and to dare to speak out. During the Art Rotterdam Fair Frank Taal Galerie shows Midas Zwaan solo in his gallery in Rotterdam: SSSssshhh……!! until February 16th: Van speykstraat 129, Rotterdam