ART ROTTERDAM 2019, Salut c'est cool,


Tentoonstelling: 07/02/19 - 09/02/19

22,48 m²
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

Solo show New Art Section

"The dinette is an interesting game in which everything is possible." Salut c’est cool The collective Salut c’est cool develops a protean artistic practice ranging from music to interactive installation, passing by internet supports, the production of concerts, and the realization of works in-situ or in network. In the context of ART ROTTERDAM 2019, the collective realizes ‘‘Dînette’’, a proposal including videos, texts, and practicable sculptures. Taking the form of an almost monomaniac installation around the dinette game, the exhibition transforms the booth into an initiatory space modulated by the actual or potential use of the works and by the narratives that accompany them.