Watering Hole, Agnieszka Kalinowska,

Watering Hole

Tentoonstelling: 12/08/16 - 27/10/16

Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

solo exhibition at Center of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk catalogue with texts by Mieke Bal and David Rhodes

Agnieszka Kalinowska is one of the most interesting Polish artists that debuted after the year 2000. Her work can be defined as an indicator of the condition of modern society. While analysing the present-day ”here and now” the artist makes a generalization revealing the primeval patterns organizing each individual’s reality. Her works analyse the problems related to assignment and securing a territory, politics that preserves atavistic rituals of power giving a false sense of protection to an individual. Her video art is often a result of a social experiment. While sculpting she makes use of primitive and raw materials as grey paper, straw, rope and more recently – branches barked by wild animals. Her weaving technique reaveals affinity to folk art while the painting one seems naive but is rigorous in its limitations when it comes to pasting straw in a determined place. ”Watering hole” focuses on the questions of freedom and subjugation.