Andrew Lacon, Sculpted Image #2
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Division of Labour

Techniek: Screenprint
Formaat: 29 x 21 x 1 cm
Oplage: 1 van 12

Sculpted Image #2, 2015

Sculpted Image #2(2015) by Andrew Lacon, limited numbered edition of 12+1AP (few left) mediated experiences of sculpture through the photograph, the edited studio photo. Lacon’s early encounters with antiquity and classical art was not in the flesh in Rome, not in the V&A or the British Museum but in Dudley museum and library, in photos from books, always many steps from the real, the images of sculptures isolated from surrounding noise by the early 20th century act of painting on the plate, obscuring and denying the site of display and isolating, elevating the sculpture. Lacon adds a new obscurity, screen printed masks in Blue Yellow and Red elevating the cloth and drapery.