Marchand & Meffre, Loew's Place Theater , Bridgeport, CT
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Galerie Fontana

Techniek: Framed Ultrachrome Print mounted on dibond with museum glass Sold out in size 150 x 190 Last available one (AP2) in size 95 x 120 cm
Formaat: 95 x 125 cm
Oplage: 9 stuks
Prijsklasse: € 8.000 - € 10.000
Status: te koop

Loew's Place Theater , Bridgeport, CT, 2007

Series: Theaters In the early twentieth century, as the entertainment industry prospered, hundreds of movie theaters were built across North America. Major entertainment firms and movie studios commissioned specialized architects to build grandiose and extravagant auditoriums. Due to TV, multiplexes and urban crises these buildings became obsolete as from the beginning of the sixties. In the decades to follow, these theaters were either modernized, or closed and demolished. The buildings that escaped demolition have been converted to serve a variety of purposes. Marchand and Meffre's work poignantly portrays the lost ideals of the heyday of the silver screen.