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Kelly Schacht 1983

Woont in Gent (BE). Werkt in Gent (BE).
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In a time when notions of what is ‘new’ and ‘unique’ have become very relative, Kelly Schacht plays with the notions of authorship and originality in her work. Both moments and objects from the past are rethought and become able to generate a renewed aesthetic experience. Kelly Schacht creates a generous freedom in her work by working intensely with artists, actors, designers, as well as with her audience. In this way the artist becomes the catalyst of the many interpretations and personal experiences that are thus given their own future. Kelly Schacht usually uses text as a starting point for the conception of her work. Schacht collects (often quotations), remembers and reconstructs. In her installations, the place where they are being presented plays a highly important part. The echo of older work is often found in more recent work. For Schacht, the experiment with artworks as travellers in search for their own Ithaca, their own significance, is part of a longer odyssey.

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Belgian multimedia artist Kelly Schacht was born in 1983, Roeselare (BE). She studied at the KASK (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten), in the department ‘Vrije Kunsten’ (sculpture/installations) in Ghent (BE). In the Netherlands her work has been shown in solo presentations at venues such as tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam (2017); the Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2015); A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam (2014); De Vleeshal in Middelburg (2011). In Belgium she has had solo exhibitions at, among other institutions, KIOSK , Ghent (2013); Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (2008); the Paleis voor Schone Kunsten – BOZAR, Brussels (2007). Group shows with works by Kelly Schacht were on view at a.o. Schunck, Heerlen (2018, NL); Muzee, Ostend (2017, BE); Wiels, Brussels (2014, BE). Her work is represented in international collections, both public and private.


Education and Residencies 2002 - 2006 Fine Arts, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (KASK), Ghent, BE 2006 - 2007 Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (KASK) (MA) Selected Solo Exhibitions 2017 Collecting the alphabet: The Inner Ear Chambers (Heartbeat), tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam, NL 2015 Collecting the alphabet: Liquid language (Fig.1), De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL Collecting the alphabet: The Prequel (or how I met W), Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE 2013 It seems economical to make use of a character already in play, KIOSK, Ghent, BE The Smuggler’s Outfit, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE 20 1 1 One voice makes two perspectives, De Vleeshal, Middelburg, NL 2010 The traveller’s scrapbook, Bogardenkapel, Brugge, BE For the record, I’m only the voice-over, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE Perform what you remember, CC Strombeek, Grimbergen, BE 2008 RE: thinking the story by Kelly Schacht, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE C’était un rendez-vous, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE 2007 A4: Intervalles door Kelly Schacht en Fabrice Samyn, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten – BOZAR, Brussels, BE C-08S SOLO SHOW, Art Brussels 2007, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Brussels, BE 2006 #5, Het Kabinet, Het Kabinet, Ghent, BE #2 bis, Acaciapark in situ, Acaciapark, Brugse Poort, Ghent, BE Selected Group Exhibitions 2018 The Unending Gift, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE Nomadic Mountains, SCHUNK*, Heerlen, NL Worklflow, CC Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Niklaas, BE 2017 Let There Be Light, Gallery Sophie van de Velde, Antwerp, BE Ecce Homo, Geukens & De Vil / Marion de Cannière, Antwerp, BE The Raft - Art is (not) Lonely, Muzee, Oostende, BE For Tanguy, SKI, Ghent, BE Number 46, tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam, NL The Walk, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE Wordswordswords, Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerp, BE Tien om te zien, Gevaertsdreef 01, Oudenaarde, BE Du verbe à la communication, Carré d’Art, Nîmes, FR 2016 Tous Belges, Abbaye Saint-André/Centre d’art contemporain, Meymac, FR In Love With Beauty, Transfo, Zwevegem, BE 2015 Stay Focused, Private Collection R. Part II, Cookie Butcher, Antwerp, BE A.N.T.R.O.P.O.C.E.N.E, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE Was it a car or a cat I saw, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, SI Bild, Bildplatform, Bleek, Sint-Niklaas, BE H of Houdini, Beaufort Beyond Borders, Oostende, BE Wij zijn handelaars, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, BE Apprentice / Master Expo #20 From Tokens to Totems: Five Pillars And A Platform: A Conversation:, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL 2014 Homo Ludens, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, BE Return To Sender, Wiels, Brussels, BE Z (as in Zigzag), A tale of the tub, Rotterdam, NL Re art, Oudenaarde, BE Der Leone Have Sept Cabeças, CRAC Alsace, Altkirch, FR 2013 Brainbox 3 Unit 3, Croxhapox vzw, Ghent, BE Private Collection R Part 1, Cultuur Club Jean de la Moutarde, Zele, BE Museum to scale 1 / 7, Galerie Ronny Van de Velde, Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België, Brussels, BE Published By Mer. Paper Kunsthalle, De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg, NL Diffractions of destroyed design, Netwerk – Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Aalst, BE Bosch Young Talent Show, Stedelijk Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, ‘s Hertogenbosch, NL Solid enough to be inhabited, Schloss Ringeberg, Hamminkeln, DE Dreaming of the south, Marion De Cannière, Antwerp, BE 2012 Lost in Translation?, tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam, NL Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju Biennale Foundation, KR The meaning of colour, Valerie Traan, Antwerp, BE ManifestAanwezig, Forum Tri, Oud-Rekem, BE Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, OCAT OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, CN Food and Tools for Food, The Maarten Van Severen Foundation, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE S.H.O.W.T.I.M.E, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE BRAFA, Galerie Ronny Van de Velde, Brussels, BE In de wind, Cultuurcentrum Strombeek, Grimbergen (Strombeek – Bever), BE 20 1 1 Charlie & Sabrina, qui l’eût cru ?, Audrey Cottin and collaborators, Jeu de Paume, Paris, FR Pearls of the North, Paris, FR Hoet Bekaert depot, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE Sleeping Beauties, Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (Lennik), BE Characters Make Stories, Residentieproject Frans Masereel Centrum, NICC, Antwerp, BE Villa II, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Knokke, BE Out of Storage, collection FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, Maastricht, NL Laureate Young Belgian Painters Award 2011, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten – BOZAR, Brussels, BE Joris Van de Moortel and Kelly Schacht, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE Art in Belgium after 2010, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE Performatik Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussel (Belgium) / Kaaistudio’s, Brussel (Belgium) / Cultuurcentrum Strombeek, Grimbergen (Strombeek – Bever), BE 2010 Critical Complexity: Chartreuse jeune by Olaf Nicolai, Villa Tabarelli, Bolzano / Bozen, IT Coup de Ville, vzw WARP, parcours in Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Niklaas, BE Gustav, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Knokke, BE Mini Market, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Magazijn 153, Amsterdam, NL ‘Changez’ een belgenshow, Enschede, NL A Show 2010, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE 2009 Versus_V: Destiny without destination, Oudenaarde, BE Ename Actueel, parcours in Ename, Ename, BE Kunst & Zwalm, vzw Boem, parcours in Meilegem / Zwalm, Meilegem, BE The Biënnale Knokke, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Knokke, BE The final opening at Hogeweg, vzw Logement, Borgerhout, BE Today is OK, Gallery Klerkx, Milan, IT ReAct! 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