Ethereal, Joris van der Ploeg,


Tentoonstelling: 09/03/19 - 26/04/19

QLICK Gallery
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"Ethereal" a solo show by Joris van der Ploeg Opening: Saturday March 9 17:00 - 19:00 QLICK Gallery

In his new series "Ethereal", Joris van der Ploeg explores the boundary between the real and the ethereal world. QLICK Gallery will show a selection of work that creates an ethereal world existing of water, mountains and young women interfaced with nature, all presented with a hint of dreaminess.   For years, humans have manipulated the earth for their convenience and efficiency without considering impact on mankind, nature or other living beings. This insolence and self-centeredness have caused our relationship with nature to change from one of respect and harmony to that of control and manipulation for profit and entertainment. Van der Ploeg photographs the sublimity of nature, whether it is the mystique of natural landscapes, the purity of water or strength of the mountains. “In all of my pictures I try to make reality look more magical and poetic than it really is, showing you my worldview, what I value and think is important. It depicts the beauty, strength and optimism I see in nature and women. Hoping, it will one day change more in this direction. “Ethereal” will be on show from March 9 till April 26. For all inquiry’s please send an email to: