Erik van Lieshout, Untitled
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Annet Gelink Gallery

Techniek: Work on Paper, Drawings, Mixed technique
Formaat: 150 x 260 cm
Oplage: uniek werk

Untitled, 2018

The videos, collages and drawings of Erik van Lieshout reflect on the hectic life and critical conscience of the artist as he over-shares and shreds common codes of privacy, inhaling everything in sight. The drawings derive from a period that he spent in self-chosen isolation during the time he spent in the south of India for the Kochi Muziris Biennale. In his work van Lieshout addresses a multitude of contemporary socio-political issues such as multiculturalism, right-wingers, the position of minorities and outsiders as well as the modern consumer society. Van Lieshout looks at these issues from a radically personal point of view, putting himself into the actual environment at hand. By typically not adapting to the general behaviour of his surrounding he becomes an active player in the action which causes many humorous situations but also provokes strong reactions of others.