Marinus Boezem, Labyrinth
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Upstream Gallery

Techniek: 3 Dimensional, Installation
Oplage: uniek werk
Status: niet beschikbaar

Labyrinth, 2016

In 2016, Boezem developed five new site-specific artworks for the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In this church, the oldest building in Amsterdam, he created a vertical labyrinth in which you can disappear and reappear. Boezem approached the idea of the building as a vehicle or conveyor that lifts the individual from his earthly existence – sometimes literally, using the principle of the force of gravity. The crux of this exhibition was a lift that could transport you to the top of the church up to the highest church window – like a deus ex machina. From a dizzying height visitors could see the monumental church from a whole new perspective and read a personal secret message that the artist left up there.